Where Our Earnings Go

Giving back to communities is at the heart of our not-for-profit mission.

Our money goes to a greater cause than shareholders. Our revenue goes right back to our patients and communities.

Supporting Our Communities

Our hospitals care for more Medi-Cal patients in Northern California than anyone else. In 2014, providing care to Medi-Cal patients cost Sutter Health $535 million more than the state paid.

Patient Kimberly Noack from Antioch.

Sutter Health partners with community clinics across our network to help people without doctors find the medical services they need. In Santa Cruz, we support the Santa Cruz Women’s Health Center, which helped patient Livia Monteleone survive cancer and a severe motorcycle accident.

We believe that all people deserve access to excellent medical care—whoever they are and wherever they live. In San Francisco, doctors and staff members at the Bayview Child Health Center go above and beyond for patients, thanks in part to our support.

See more examples below of where our earnings go: