Facts about Sutter Health

Sutter Health nurses who choose to work full-time at hospitals with CNA contracts earn an average of $140,000 per year (according to 2014 W2 data). In addition they receive a generous employer-paid pension.

Many of our hospitals proposed contract changes to make our high-quality services more efficient and affordable. In negotiations with some Sutter Health-affiliated hospitals, the union recognized the need to contain costs and contracts have been achieved. For some reason, the union refuses to accept proposals that would reduce costs at the remaining hospitals. Instead, the union sensationalizes our proposals and irresponsibly attempts to mislead patients into believing nurses will no longer have paid time off for illnesses.

Here are the facts:



  • $140,000 — average annual pay for full-time RN.

Health Benefits:

  • Nurses have the option of a comprehensive, generous health plan with a zero-dollar monthly premium, or for less than $50 per month.

Paid Time Off (vacation, sick leave, personal time, maternity):

  • Nurses receive up to 40 paid days off a year to use for vacation, sick time and other personal use.
  • Maternity leave at all of our hospitals will continue to meet or exceed state law.


  • Nurses receive a generous employer-paid pension.

 Retiree Health Care: 

  • All nurses receive a form of employer-paid retiree health care benefits.
  • Most receive a health care spending account valued up to $35,000.

Paid Education and Training:

  • All of our hospitals either reimburse nurses for education and training or offer paid days off (up to 64 hours) to participate in approved education and training.
  • Some hospitals are proposing that education leave be used for specific education and training curriculum to support hospital quality and patient care initiatives

Making Care More Affordable:

  • Sutter Health hospitals will continue to offer competitive wages and benefits for nurses, while also doing our part to make health care more affordable for our patients.