Quality Healthcare Continues at Sutter Health Hospitals During CNA Called Strike

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Strikes are costly shenanigans by union leaders hopelessly out of touch with what’s happening in our communities and in health care. Our hospitals have negotiated in good faith for more than a year and have offered contracts that balance our obligation to provide competitive wages and benefits for nurses and reduce our costs so we’re more affordable to patients.

RNs who choose to work full-time at our Bay Area hospitals earn $136,000 a year on average (not including benefits). Part-time nurses earn on average $105,000 a year. These averages are determined from our nurses’ 2010 W2s. Nurses also have the option of 100 percent employer-paid health benefits/or receive low-cost health benefits and can earn an employer-paid pension plan worth $84,000 per year on average for life.

Instead of collaborating with us, the union has called a sixth strike and rejected virtually every modest contract change proposed by our hospitals to improve efficiency, affordability and quality. Union leaders want more. They’re demanding new, costly benefits—such as double digit wage increases and free health care for life—which will increase costs at our hospitals by tens of millions of dollars each year. Our obligation is to take care of both our nurses and our patients.

Quality patient care will continue during the Nov. 1 strike called by the California Nurses Union against four of our network’s hospitals—Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Eden Medical Center (including the San Leandro Campus), Sutter Delta Medical Center and Sutter Solano Medical Center. Our hospitals will contract with firms that provide qualified registered nurses to fill in for nurses who choose to strike. Like every day, the Sutter Health family of hospitals will be open around the clock, providing the best possible care to patients.

Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Nurse Compensation, Quality | 0 comments