July 3 Strike Called by CNA

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Quality Care Will Continue at Affected Hospitals

The facts for full-time nurses at Sutter Health’s Bay Area hospitals:

  • $136,000 a year on average (determined from our nurses 2010 W2s and does not include benefits)
  • An employer-paid pension plan worth $84,000 a year on average
  • Up to 40 paid days off annually to use for vacation, sick time and other personal uses—about eight weeks off each year on average

The above lists just some of the generous wages and benefits Sutter Health hospitals offer to our valued nurses. Despite the six-figure salary average, an employer-paid retirement and other benefits, the California Nurses Union wants more and has called its fifth unnecessary strike at our hospitals.

Instead of collaborating with us to resolve these contracts for our nurses, union leaders have rejected virtually every modest contract proposal by our hospitals to make our quality services more efficient and affordable to patients. They demand new benefits that will increase the cost of health care for our patients by millions of dollars—including double-digit wage increases and free health care for life.

Our obligation is to take care of both our nurses and our patients. We remain committed to providing our nurses competitive wages and benefits, while also doing our part to make health care more affordable for our patients.

Posted by on Jul 2, 2012 in Nurse Compensation, Offers, Quality | 0 comments